An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

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Ben Franklin, could not be more right…

The annual exam is so vital to our health, yet as women, we are so often the last to take care of ourselves. So what happens at the annual exam and why should we take time out to go and see the gynecologist?

During the visit, we will discuss healthy lifestyle choices as well as analyze risk factors for potential diseases.  As we establish or strengthen our patient-doctor relationship, we can insure that you are receiving appropriate immunizations, and are receiving screening exams, such as the Pap Smear, Mammogram and Blood Work.  The patient’s age and risk factors will determine which screening exams are needed. The annual exam is often a great opportunity to discuss contraception as well as other concerns including sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, urinary complaints and menstrual cycle irregularity.

The screening tests performed during the well visit, may help save a life by diagnosing high blood pressure, precancerous cervical cells, as well as diagnosing (or preferably preventing) sexually transmitted infections.

Make a resolution to take care of your health, and start the new year of with an Annual Exam:) As the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) takes effect, most patients are able to get preventive care free of out of pocket cost.

With flexible scheduling, and even Saturday appointments, we look forward to seeing you at Preferred Gynecology 713-485-4302.


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